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Graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a B.S in Environmental Studies, and have also received my Masters of Environmental Studies from VCU. Receiving an interdisciplinary education has allowed me to adapt to a wide range of interests. It's my goal to combine my wide range of experiences, knowledge and enthusiasm in order to become a valuable asset. My internship as well as volunteer experiences' have provided the knowledge and skills necessary to grow in the environmental field.

Past experiences in the IT field provided a strong knowledge of computer software, hardware troubleshooting, maintenance and repair. Personal experience as well as professional experience contributes the necessary tools, language and framework to make me a valuable asset to any modern business or nonprofit.



  •  JMP Statistical Software
  •  HP ALM V.12.0
  •   ESRI ArcGIS, ESRI CityEngine Advanced
  •  Appery.io/Mobile app design, Adobe InDESIGN, Web Design
  •  A+ Certification
  •  Grant Writing
  •  Ability to gather, analyze and communicate field data
  •  Plan and manage projects involving problem solving and analysis
  •  Familiarity with lab equipment and procedures
  •  Advanced knowledge of computer software and hardware troubleshooting, maintenance and repair
  •  Understanding wire diagrams, schematics, and electrical systems diagnoses and repair
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How I get things done

Team Player

Team Player

Receiving an interdisciplinary education has allowed me to adapt to a wide range of interests. It is my goal to combine a wide range of experiences, knowledge and enthusiasm to participate in a team environment.

HustlerEnvironmental Scientist

Past research and a commitment to continued education towards sustainability stewardship provided the opportunity to assist in coordination, promotion and marketing of sustainability initiatives, recycling programs and campus events during my education.

Work Ethic

Work Ethic

Hard work & tenacity I have shown throughout my school, work and volunteer experiences’ have given me the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed. My background enables me to take on the task of being an excellent, reliable, and inspired co-worker.

Featured work

Climate Change and The Carbon Cycle: What are the consequences of burning fossil fuels?

Additional carbon has a profound effect in the atmosphere, we must predict how much of an impact our ever increasing consumption of fossil fuels will have.

Global Environment

Unsustainable Farming Practices

Currently, America is growing by about 3,000,000 people annually. At this rate, our planet will share its dwindling non-renewable resources with an extra 2.1 billion by 2040. The strains of a rapidly increasing population reflect and magnify the demand placed on natural resources. 

Global Environment
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Coastal Energy Development in Virginia

There is no question that the U.S and Virginia need an alternative to high priced crude oil. The population is expected to explode to a projected 8.5 million by 2025; a troubling problem, as the economy is already burdened and in crisis. We must insist that our state Senators push for a solution.

Virginia Environment
Happy Afternoon

Virginia Rivers: The impact of man-made dams

Aquatic communities and fish migration are not only affected by dam induced perturbation; plant communities along with river bed and riparian buffers will also be negatively impacted. Dams along the James prevent river free flow and block migratory fish access to upstream spawning ground.

Virginia Environment
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Pre-Columbian Native American land use practices around the James River Watershed

Through discoveries made by Archaeologists and Historians, we can begin to uncover Native American culture in Virginia, and near the James River watershed. Native Americans living in the area of the Coastal Plain, Piedmont and Shenandoah Valley regions existed and organized long before the European Colonization.

Virginia Environment
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Global Sustainable Development: A brief history of Earth Summit

Sustainable Development can be broken down into three different categories: environmental sustainability, economic sustainability and sociopolitical sustainability. It does not focus solely on environmental issues, but the range of issues that affect the way we live now and the impact on the future. From an Anthropocentric point of view, we deal with topics like poverty, water quality and availability, clean energy, good governance, low-consumption technology, efficient production and decreased consumption, healthy fisheries, and tourism as a means of ultimately affecting the well-being of the planet.

Global Sustainability/Human Rights


Grabby Guy

Envision the James

"By exploring the James River Watershed in Virginia, you will gain a better understanding about watersheds and how they work. We'll explore how the watershed landscape influenced the past and our present, while thinking about how we can work toward improving our watershed." CLICK FOR GEOSTORY

Content creator, U.S F&WS, NatGEO
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Volunteer work at U.S Fish & Wildlife Service

Building dedication for the Menenak Island Educational Building at Presquile National Wildlife Refuge.

Volunteer Work


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